Sword & Thistle

Sword & Thistle: Tales of Aedrea
English | October 13, 2023 | ASIN: B0CKZGLMFX | M4B@128 kbps | 7h 21m | 408.2 MB

Author: S.L. Rowland
Narrator: Eric Jason Martin

With age comes wisdom. For a seasoned adventurer, it also comes with back pain.

Taking quests, exploring ruins, and camping under the stars. For Dobbin Thornhill, there’s no better life than that of an adventurer. Especially with a reputation like his.

For all he’s gained, the loss of a friend during a botched quest still weighs heavy on his heart. How fitting that his next job will take him into Hells’ Crag, a dragon-ruined city still haunted by spirits half a millennia after the attack.

His task? Acquiring the elusive dragonfire mushroom—a rare delicacy rumored to grant visions to those who consume it.

While grief has led Dobbin to a life of solo adventures, some jobs can’t be done alone. Joining forces goes against his every instinct, but in a land of shadows, a cast of unlikely companions could be exactly what he needs to see the light again.

If he can find the courage to let someone else in.

Welcome to the enchanting world of Tales of Aedrea, where small-scale stories, low-stakes adventure, and cozy fantasy come to life within an epic, high-fantasy realm.

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