Subterfuge: Bastion Academy, Book 3

English | April 23, 2024 | ASIN: B0CNBK57XC | M4B@128 kbps | 10h 38m | 590.92 MB

Author: J.D. Astra
Narrator: Jason Vu

Student. Spy. Son. Enemy.

The Busa-nan student exchange program was designed to foster peace, share the knowledge of core building techniques, and bridge the growing cultural gap between the nearby kingdoms. This year’s exchange looks no different from the outside, but Jiyong and his friends have been tasked with a secret mission: discover the plot of the Kokyu foreign ambassador, Dokun Yamamotto.

Jiyong knew the consequences of accepting the overseas exchange with the Kingdom of Kokyu, but when his disowned father, Hiro Kumiho, and the traitorous Ko-nah Wong get involved, Jiyong’s desire for revenge will take the reins of the mission. An encounter with a new type of cultivation magic gives Jiyong access to a power that can get him the revenge he so dearly craves.

The student spies will be forced to control themselves in all ways if they plan on escaping the hostile kingdom with the knowledge of Dokun’s plans—and their lives.

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