Stoicism: The Complete Beginner’s Guide To Empower Your Mindset And Wisdom For Leadership And Self-Discipline, Using A Daily Stoic Routine To Gain Resilience, Confidence And Calmness In Modern Life
English | ISBN: 9781669649076 | 2022 | 3 hours and 52 minutes | M4B@128 kbps | 214 MB

Author: Travis Holiday, Kevin Hollins
Narrator: Rory Young

Stoicism is simply a wisdom philosophy that teaches you how to live life well and is the only one that from its inception addressed all humans. This also explains why Stoicism has managed to survive for more than 2300 years. This blueprint connects ancient philosophy with the modern world and helps you overcome your daily life challenges by building mental and emotional strength and leading a life of wisdom, perseverance, and joy. This guidebook will guide you through your Stoic journey, improving your level of consciousness and helping you to face the challenges of our world in the wisest and most practical way.

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