Stationfall: Kuiper Belt Series, Book One
English | March 28, 2024 | ASIN: B0CZ7JGCC2 | M4B@125 kbps | 5h 11m | 283.3 MB

Author: John Vitone
Narrator: Sylas VT

On board of one of Earth’s largest space elevators, where Earth and the cosmos converge, former cop turned gritty detective, Tony Graves, finds himself thrust into a world far beyond the gritty streets he once patrolled. When the space elevator he is on becomes the target of a ruthless terrorist organization, Tony is called upon to unearth the truth and prevent an imminent catastrophe.

Haunted by his own demons and a past that won’t let go, Tony dives headfirst into a labyrinth of intrigue and danger. As he unravels the layers of a conspiracy that stretches from Earth to the outer reaches of the solar system, Tony discovers that not only the fate of everyone onboard hangs in the balance, but all of humanity itself.

Teaming up with a brilliant but enigmatic gun for hire and a diverse cast of characters, Tony must navigate the treacherous waters of politics, corporate greed, and interstellar espionage to unravel the terrorists’ plan. With time running out and the clock ticking towards a cataclysmic event, Tony Graves must confront his own inner turmoil and summon the courage to face the shadows of his past.

“Stationfall” is a pulse-pounding thriller that seamlessly blends the gritty realism of a noir detective story with the awe-inspiring wonders of space exploration. Will Tony Graves rise to the challenge and save the space elevator, or will he succumb to the forces working against him, allowing darkness to descend upon the cosmos? The answers lie in the stars, and Tony is ready to face the unknown to protect the future of humanity.

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