Sort Your Brain Out

Sort Your Brain Out: Boost Your Performance, Manage Stress and Achieve More
English | ISBN: 9781663705136 | 2022 | 5 hours and 43 minutes | M4B@64 kbps | 156 MB

Author: Jack Lewis, Adrian Webster
Narrator: Adrian Webster

Every human being on this planet has the most incredible device in the known universe residing within their skull. Yet despite all of us having more or less the same make and model, the vast majority of users are completely unaware of its stunning capabilities; let alone its phenomenal ability to adapt. The human brain adapts to the demands of pretty much any environment. It physically changes its own circuitry to improve performance in any behaviour that is regularly required of it. It will change in a manner that enables skills and abilities to become ever so slightly faster, more accurate and more efficient the next time you come to do them. The brain is constantly rewiring the 160,000,000,000 brain cells inside our heads every single day, for better or for worse. This process of rewiring for self enhancement is so gradual that the day-to-day improvements are usually imperceptible. Only if you continue to perform that behaviour for an extended period of time, over a few weeks and on a regular basis, will your brain change enough for the improvement in ability to become noticeable. This book will provide people with a wide range of brain-enhancing tools and practical skills to do just that. It will help to bring about improved memory, improve mood management, better decision making, more creativity, more effective management of stress and anxiety and longer lasting brain activity into your old age.

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