Sophie Briggs and the Spike of Death

Sophie Briggs and the Spike of Death: School of Roots and Vines Series, Book 1
English | March 28, 2023 | ASIN: B0BYTGBP8R | M4B@128 kbps | 8h 52m | 493.24 MB

Author: Martha Carr, Michael Anderle
Narrator: Em Eldridge

Sophia Briggs has passed the entrance exam and is a freshman at the famous School of Roots and Vines. The young magical is an Elemental with a twist. She can help everything that grows out of the ground—and then some. Her magic is a kind that hasn’t been seen in generations.

A secret even to her, but not for long.

In the center of the boarding school stands an oversized oak tree that stretches across the campus and houses the classrooms—and is still alive. Even the tree holds a powerful secret that is being protected by a few.

But there are dark forces that are searching for the roots of the secret, and they pose a threat to the school.

Will Sophia discover what special magic she holds in time? Will it be enough?

There is even an enemy among them that could bring it all down if Sophie and her new crew of friends don’t unravel the mystery in time. Can you figure out the secrets of The School of Roots and Vines?

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