Solar Dragons Need Love, Too! 4

Solar Dragons Need Love, Too! 4
English | May 26, 2023 | ASIN: B0C6FMC4T1 | MP3@128 kbps | 8h 45m | 481.72 MB

Author: Virgil Knightley
Narrator: Alyssa Poon

Saving the city at 10 AM, lunch date at 12, and cheering on my gamer girlfriends in the evening—life is busy.

There are plenty of reasons to get up in the morning if you’re me—Pinky Peach, the unicorn-elf hybrid is one of them. Blossom the flower sprite is another one. Satina the satyress, Tahini the catgirl—need I go on?

But sometimes, even the mighty Solaris wants to call a day off. With the Void Cartel on the defensive and superheroes currently forced to work from the shadows, things are pretty relaxed at the moment, so I want to savor that for as long as I can. And yet….

There are still so many mysteries. How can I reach out to my sister again? Where is the Elloway, and can he save the city once and for all? For that matter…can I?

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