Shingles Audio Collection 8

Shingles Audio Collection, Volume 8: Shingles Series, Volume 8
English | August 16, 2022 | ASIN: B0B3NHX55K | M4B@128 kbps | 13h 42m | 760.95 MB

Author: Steve Wetherell, R.E. Carr, EM Kaplan, Robert Bevan, Drew Hayes, Authors and Dragons
Narrator: Cassandra Myles, Cal Wembly

Silent But Deadly Hill: Jonathon Mason is going on a road trip with his dad. When their car veers out of control, Jonathon awakes alone in a cloud of fog. Can he find his drunk dad and escape Slewant Hill?

G.I.R.L 2: Rob(erta) Hardlick and her sidekick Mich find themselves locked within a video game universe. To make matters worse, they may not be the only survivors from the last game to have made it over to this new one.

Secret of the Old Cock: When mysterious Jebediah Crotchley hires Mimsy Crew to do work around his mansion, Mimsy is in for a grand adventure.

My Mom is a Bunch of Cockroaches: Losing a parent is never easy. With the help of some cockroaches, Danny Heyward aims to help his mom cheat death for as long as her animated body can hold itself together.

Cluck You!: J and her buddies decide to take a road trip. Their road-trip takes a detour and they find themselves trapped in a meat-packing plant, where a turkey is picking them off one by one.

Holly’s Jolly Christmas: Holly is spending her Christmas in the town of Cheermer. Some of the locals have begun mysteriously disappearing, and perhaps there’s more in the town’s past than just merry anecdotes.

Contains mature themes.

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