See Her Hide

See Her Hide: A Mia North FBI Suspense Thriller, Book 2
English | March 21, 2022 | ASIN: B09W36359N | MP3@64 kbps | 5h 33m | 151.82 MB

Author: Rylie Dark
Narrator: Maggie Schneider

Fugitive FBI Agent Mia North knows that hunting down killers and solving new—and old—cases is the only way to clear her name. When a rash of high-school girls are found murdered, discovered on the soccer field, the case is personal for Mia. Can she find and stop the killer—and figure out who framed her—before she is caught by the US marshals?

In See Her Hide (A Mia North FBI Suspense Thriller, Book 2), Special Agent Mia North is a rising star in the FBI—until, in an elaborate setup, she’s framed for murder and sentenced to prison. When a lucky break allows her to escape, Mia finds herself a fugitive, on the run, and on the wrong side of the law for the first time in her life. She can’t see her young daughter—and she has no hope of returning to her former life.

The only way to get her life back, she realizes, is to hunt down whoever framed her.

Mia’s former partner desperately needs her help: High-school soccer players are turning up dead in neighboring towns, with no rhyme or reason. Mia may be the only one who can solve it.

But her position is tenuous, and she has no one to back her up.

Might she, working alone and racing against the clock, stumble right into the killer’s hands?

The action-packed Mia North series is a riveting crime thriller, jammed with suspense, surprises, and twists and turns that you won’t see coming. Fall in love with this brilliant new female protagonist and you’ll be listening late into the night.

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