Seared 4

Seared 4
English | October 03, 2023 | ASIN: B0C7RQXX9K | M4B@125 kbps | 13h 41m | 747.23 MB

Author: Robyn Wideman, Scribes Of Sulterra
Narrator: Rusty Mewha

Jace and his friends find themselves battling Ouyang and Ngai, blindsided by a powerful threat that’s set its sights on the destruction of the empire, and racing to find a cure for one of their own before it’s too late. Through it all, Jace knows there’s only one way they’ll succeed in saving themselves and those they care about: by getting stronger

Seared is an exciting coming-of-age, progression, and cultivation fantasy series for fans of series like Cradle, Thousand Li, and He Who Fights with Monsters. It has light romantic elements with no harem.

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