River’s Edge

River’s Edge: Banished Series, Book 2
English | February 02, 2021 | ASIN: B08TJ2ZBDY | MP3@64 kbps | 6h 39m | 182.3 MB

Author: BA Tortuga
Narrator: John Solo

Miguel is convinced he and River weren’t the fated mates he thought they were, so when his best friend asks him to go back to Lobo Canyon, New Mexico, he knows it’s a really bad idea. Why set himself up to see River again, and to go through all that pain and weirdness again? Wulf is desperate not to be the only banished one at his niece’s christening, though, and Miguel finally, grudgingly, goes along.

River knows how bad he screwed up with Miguel, but he’s been able to tell himself it was meant to be. At least until Miguel shows up. All of his fine plans to stay away from the man go out the window then, and River decides he has to figure out how to win Miguel back. Even if the pack doesn’t seem particularly helpful, between the constant interruptions and the visiting family making his job harder.

What’s worse is that Miguel seems to be accident prone now. Until River realizes what’s going on is no accident. Someone is targeting Miguel with violence, and they have to figure out who it is, and how their love can possibly work out, all at the same time.

Contains mature themes.

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