Revenge: Wahrheit

Revenge: Wahrheit, Book 2
English | March 21, 2023 | ASIN: B0BVC27S5D | M4B@125 kbps | 16h 14m | 885.79 MB

Author: AC Cobble
Narrator: Travis Baldree

The truth is a weak thing. It has no power. The only power the truth holds is the power we grant it.

The might of nations rises and falls with the same inexorable certainty of the oceans. Powers, unseen and unknown, push and pull with relentless determination. The currents that shape the world are easily ignored, until the waters rise and the people drown.

In the Kingdom of Wahrheit, the tide has turned, and the water is rising.

A new ruler sits upon an ancient throne. Foreign nations, for centuries cowed by the strength of Wahrheit’s dragons and her armies, rise in defiance to throw off the old order. Fae, some thought to be nothing more than myth, stride Wahrheit’s fields and her council chambers. Within the kingdom, there are those who see the disruption as weakness, and weakness as opportunity. There are wrongs to be righted. Blood to be spilled. All in the pursuit of revenge.

There are those who could defy the call and stand against the tide of violence and blood. Six paladins, chosen by Fortune, or so it’s claimed. They are like the moon or the stars—ignorant of the power they exert upon the world. They follow the path chosen for them, and if their passing brings joy or sorrow, they know nothing but their journey.

That is the truth. Their fate. Unless they can shatter the bindings of ancient law and forge a truth of their own.

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