Revelations: Necrotic Apocalypse

Revelations: Necrotic Apocalypse, Book 6
English | March 27, 2024 | ASIN: B0CYHBHCJQ | M4B@125 kbps | 14h 18m | 780.58 MB

Author: D. Petrie
Narrator: Travis Baldree

A shrouded truth. A secret sustained. A lie protects it all.

Digby secured a fragile peace agreement between the empire and Las Vegas. While it’s been only two weeks since then, the city has thrived. A lot can change when no one is trying to smite you off the face of the earth. Unfortunately, more success just means more to lose, and with Henwick hell-bent on finishing what he started, Digby needs power. Enough to protect himself, his friends, and the all-too-fragile peace.

With spies watching his every move, he must uncover the history of the Nine and discover the origin of the Heretic Seed’s power. From there, a treacherous path unfolds before him. With the help of a reluctant vampire, he’ll need to pull off his most ridiculous plan yet; without starting a war in the process.

In a world where lies hold power, sometimes the truth is better left untouched.

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