Path of Time Deviant 2

Path of Time Deviant Book 2: A Cultivation Gamelit Novel
English | March 19, 2024 | ASIN: B0CXQHG9MP | M4B@125 kbps | 15h 7m | 825.76 MB

Author: A.P. Gore, Patricia Jones
Narrator: Christian J Gilliland, Erin Bateman

He survived the first hurdle. But can he do it again?

Allen Ming has conquered the first hurdle by finding a cultivation path uniquely his own. Yet, the real challenges are only beginning. Tasked with the delicate mission of regaining his grandmother’s trust and ensuring his friends’ safety, his responsibilities are immense. Compelled to oppose a clan as formidable as his own, he has no choice but to seek help from new allies.

Enemies are hidden everywhere, and they’re ready to pounce. Allen must tackle these threats head-on while also juggling family dynamics and friendships in this complex world of alliances and rivalries.

Can Allen Ming win his grandmother’s heart and protect his friends amidst the turmoil? With a clan to confront and unseen enemies to fend off, his journey is as tough as it gets.

Join Allen Ming on his journey, equipped with a unique system, Rune Cultivation Arts, character sheets, and unorthodox cultivation method. The show is about to get more crazier than before.

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