Overcoming Your Fearful Life as a Coward

Overcoming Your Fearful Life as a Coward: Using ACT Principles to Live a Courageous Life
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Author: Jackson Yee
Narrator: Eddie Leonard Jr.

Many people who suffer from fear believe they don’t have what it takes to be brave and don’t attempt to eliminate their cowardly ways. In truth, there isn’t much difference between the person who is brave and the person who is scared. There’s only one major distinction that separates a courageous person from being a coward. If you knew what this one thing is, would you change it so you can live a braver life?

If your answer is “yes” then you need to buy this book! The whole focus of Overcoming Your Fearful Life as a Coward is to teach you how to do this one thing.

What is this one thing? It’s the ability to take action!

That’s it! Getting yourself to move into your fears is the only difference between a bold person and a scared one!

This may not be a shock, as many of you may know this already. But even though you know this fact, you still struggle with taking action into your fears. Sadly, running away from your fears is why you feel like a coward.

In order to break free from your cowardly world, you must know the two big truths of the courage game. Once you apply these two truths to your life, you will start living a bold life.

Truth #1: Everybody feels afraid. Even the bravest people in the world struggle with feeling like cowards. Fear is a normal biological response. It has evolved to purposely make you feel uncomfortable so you can be more alert to the threats around you.

Let’s go to the huge misconception that is keeping you stuck in fear mode: You need to be brave first before you take action into your fears.

It is actually the opposite that’s true! Here is the secret that all brave people know:

Actions come first; feelings of bravery come last.

Courageous people many not want to admit this, but when they take the action into their fears, they’re just as scared to death as you are.

The major difference between you and them is that brave people have found ways to get themselves to move against what scares them despite feeling anxious. Why? Because they know the rewards of feeling brave comes after the action or when the situation is over!

Truth #2: When you confront your fears on a consistent basis, your acts of courage will become an automatic habit.

Your cowardly behaviors are nothing but a bad habit. The good news is that you can convert any bad habit to a productive one. When your behavior becomes a habit, you take the decision making out of the process. You will walk against your fears without thinking about it.

Overcoming Your Life as a Coward has a structured plan to show you how simple it is to face your fears. This book uses “acceptance and commitment” concepts, which is one one of the top growing forms of psychotherapy because it focuses on taking action. To finally live a life where you can be proud of, you must buy my book!

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