One Piece at a Time

One Piece at a Time: The Technomancer Novels, Book 4
English | September 18, 2019 | ASIN: B07XYJ96XH | M4B@30 kbps | 10h 47m | 145.89 MB

Author: M. K. Gibson
Narrator: Jeffrey Kafer

The season of Yule is fast approaching, but not all in the barony of Löngutangar are festive. For it has been two years since Salem disappeared. Two years without word. Two years without their friend. New rumors speak to a possible location, and a crack team sets out to find Salem and bring him home. But does what they find even qualify as human?

No sooner does Salem come home than he is visited by the Techkuza. Due to financial debts as well as technological and personal transgressions, Salem has been summoned across the world for an audience in the Asian supercity Trinity Neon. There, Salem encounters both familiar faces and a host of new enemies. His tenuous bonds of family, and his own mental stability, are tested beyond their limits. The events in Trinity Neon will not only change his life forever, but will also determine the fate of the world.

One Piece at a Time is a sprawling, heart-pounding, and heartbreaking adventure across deadly seas and into foreign lands that culminates in a moment all must experience. What happens when your best isn’t good enough?

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