Oberon Academy: The Complete Series

Oberon Academy: The Complete Series
English | May 10, 2022 | ASIN: B09XZS6NMP | M4B@125 kbps | 23h 26m | 1.25 GB

Author: Wendi L. Wilson
Narrator: Heather Costa

Get all four books in the Oberon Academy series!

The Orphan: In a world where dark faeries have stepped in to save the planet from humanity’s mistakes, seventeen-year-old December Thorne is nothing but a shadow. Offered a scholarship to the prestigious Oberon Academy, December finds herself living in a whole new world.

The Zephyr: After a tragic loss, Crispin Jonas took over the role of mentor, pushing December to practice things beyond the standard Oberon Academy lessons on being a good Sylphid. She could let her darker half take over and guide her actions, or she could embrace the Sylphid inside her and live on the path of light. But were those her only two choices?

The Sylph: After surviving another face-off with Queen Sebille and discovering the truth about her past, December Thorne’s life has changed dramatically. She finally has what she’s always wanted . . . or does she?

The Queen: After so many surprises and truths revealed, December just wants her life to settle down into some sort of normalcy. When one of her own is taken by the Zephyr queen, December must take action. The time for normalcy is over. It’s time for war.

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