Never Say Pie

Never Say Pie: Lexy Baker Cozy Mystery Series, Book 14
English | June 26, 2018 | ASIN: B07F19Z3FW | MP3@64 kbps | 4h 48m | 133.81 MB

Author: Leighann Dobbs
Narrator: Hollis McCarthy

When the president of the Brook Ridge Falls senior center book club is found dead, face down in one of the pies meant for the club’s pie-eating contest, Lexy and her posse of iPad-toting grandmothers take it upon themselves to find the killer. Too bad the only potential clue might be buried inside one of the many pies taken by the police for evidence.

That’s no problem. Lexy, Nans, and the ladies will use their uncanny methods of deduction to ferret out the killer. They waste no time filling their suspect list.

Was it the crusty old author? The flaky antiques dealer? The cheating husband with his half-baked grief act?

They all had means, motive, and opportunity, and they seem to be harboring secrets. But what has Lexy really worried is that someone in her group seems to have a secret of her own.

Just when the case seems impossible to solve, they come across another clue. Will Lexy and her posse realize its hidden meaning before it’s too late?

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