Negative Zero

Negative Zero: Tomek, Book 1
English | April 29, 2015 | ASIN: B00WW8J928 | M4B@62 kbps | 6h 10m | 168.22 MB

Author: Jimm Grogan
Narrator: Clay Teunis

A trained vigilante finds himself on an interplanetary run in Jimm Grogan’s thrilling debut novel, Negative Zero.

Tomek lives a seemingly quiet life as a spacecraft engineer for the interstellar Azten Empire of Federated Worlds. But no one knows that during Tomek’s frequent “vacations”, he volunteers for his planet’s police force, tracking down convicted criminals and delivering them to justice. Known for taking on cases that no other volunteer will touch, Tomek uses the code name Negative Zero in order to protect himself and those he loves.

Tomek takes on the investigation of a lifetime when he tracks down those responsible for two major crimes: one in which thousands of farmers die of a suspected plague and another in which the mass murderer uses a mysterious drug to force victims to hand over their wealth before dying. As Tomek unravels the mystery behind those responsible, he is confident they will be brought to justice.

But the sinister Trident group has other plans in mind when they eventually find out who Negative Zero really is. As they close in on his location, using corrupt imperial guards as their henchman, Tomek must fight for his life if he is to survive.

Jimm Grogan earned an associate’s degree in electronics and a bachelor’s degree in computer science before launching a career as an engineer for Hewlett Packard, Inc. and PMC-Sierra, Inc.

Grogan lives with his spouse in Northern California.

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