Mythology: Aztec, Inca, Inuit, and Polynesian Myths

Mythology: Aztec, Inca, Inuit, and Polynesian Myths
English | May 29, 2020 | ASIN: B088X4JSPT | MP3@124 kbps | 4h 3m | 222.69 MB

Author: Kelly Mass
Narrator: Kaan Akyol

Have you ever wondered about the Aztecs, the Inca, the Inuit, or the Polynesians, and their beliefs?

Did they have myths like the ancient Greek civilization?

Were there spirits, gods, or supernatural creatures they believed in?

These are the topics of this elaborate guide. The false notions about these peoples will be outlined and debunked. The confusion will be done away with, as you listen to these explanations about how all these stories all fit together.

Many of us don’t know much about mythological stories from these regions, and it is my pleasure and privilege to educate you on the intricate details that lie within them. That’s why I have also provided some fascinating facts and historical background about each of these peoples. Creation myths, legacies, the sacrificing of children, the empires, and their wars are all mentioned and touched on in this book.

So, go ahead and sit back in a comfortable chair, relax, and listen to the peculiar, occult, or sometimes even gruesome and dark, controversial legends from these American and Oceanic areas.

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