Mythica: Revenant

Mythica: Revenant: A LitRPG Adventure
English | February 20, 2024 | ASIN: B0CSPM9RFV | M4B@125 kbps | 11h 48m | 643.9 MB

Author: Dean Henegar
Narrator: Tess Irondale

A warrior reborn. An enemy fueled by death. A fight for humanity.

Mercenary captain Sabine Giroux knew that death was a constant companion in her line of work, and when it finally happened, she wasn’t surprised.

What surprised her was that she didn’t stay dead.

Brought back as an undead revenant by the god Gnessos, Sabine is tasked with stopping a foe that seeks to siphon the power of death and destroy everything she holds dear in the process.

With a lifetime of combat experience to draw upon, Sabine must gain Gnessos’ favor to grow more powerful and fulfill her role as his champion. But with every rank of favor that Sabine gains, more of her humanity is lost as her undead nature threatens to take over…

From the bestselling author of Limitless Lands and Derelict comes this action-packed Fantasy LitRPG Adventure. Mythica Revenant is officially licensed by Arrowstorm Entertainment and is set in the amazing fantasy world of the cult-hit film series Mythica.

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