Monster Girl Trucker 2

Monster Girl Trucker 2
English | September 21, 2022 | ASIN: B0BG38X682 | MP3@95 kbps | 8h 47m | 360.99 MB

Author: Simon Archer
Narrator: Rachel Leblang

After escaping a cult, killing a giant sandworm, and nabbing three gorgeous monster girls, you’re probably wondering what could be left for ol’ Jack Vale?

Turns out a hell of a lot.

There’s a curse to be broken, and this time, I’m bringing some familiar company along. With 18 wheels on the road and an infinite number of realms to explore, I’ll need every upgrade and ally my girls and I can find to fight an ancient evil, woo Amazonian giantesses, and conquer the multiverse.

But hey, all in a day’s work for a trucker, right?

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