Metagamer Chronicles

Metagamer Chronicles: Complete Collection, Books 1-3
English | January 28, 2020 | ASIN: B084931G2X | M4B@125 kbps | 21h 11m | 1016.1 MB

Author: Xavier P. Hunter
Narrator: Mikael Naramore

Gary Burns thought he’d created a masterpiece. Instead, he’d created a prison for his friends – and himself.

Gary Burns just wanted to create the greatest RPG campaign of his gaming career. But a freak magical accident sucks him into the very world he created – as himself.

Surrounded by heroes who look and sound like his friends, Gary is forced to play out the story he wrote. Worthless in a fight, Gary must prove himself valuable even if it means feeding the team insider knowledge.

Because he needs to keep his friends close – and himself alive – until he can solve the puzzle he never designed: how to get everyone back home.

Metagamer Chronicles puts the RPG into LitRPG, taking the ever-growing GameLit genre back to its tabletop roots. If you miss the rattle of dice and gaming at a table with your friends, the Metagamer Chronicles are what you’ve been craving. Fans of Dungeons and Dragons and old TSR novels will love Metagamer Chronicles.

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