Mark of the Fool 5

Mark of the Fool 5
English | March 27, 2024 | ASIN: B0CXFBGK81 | M4B@125 kbps | 18h 30m | 0.99 GB

Author: J.M. Clarke
Narrator: Travis Baldree

The Fool has been hunted. But he must become the hunter.

Accompanying an expedition of wizards, Alex has proved himself against the dangers of Greymoor, calling upon summoned servants to defeat the Ravener’s hunters. But with the death of his pursuers, no answers are apparent, only more questions.

And now Alex, the Heroes, his cabal, and the mighty Baelin seek answers in the ancient Crymlyn swamp, which the Sage of Thameland calls home.

But other eyes also watch the Crymlyn. Evil eyes. Demonic eyes.

And the Ravener is far from done with Alex.

For it has yet to call upon its more powerful servants….

Book five of the best-selling series. Continue your fantastical journey into a coming of age magic academy fantasy with a weak-to-strong progression into power, deepening mystery, a setting inspired by D&D, detailed world building and magical science, action, comedy, slice-of-life, and GameLit elements.

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