Mage Stones: Part 1

Mage Stones: Part 1: Mage Stones
English | October 18, 2022 | ASIN: B0BGJDZ67W | M4B@125 kbps | 12h 44m | 695.14 MB

Author: D.J. Dammeyer
Narrator: Greg D. Barnett

The Guiding Spirits had been silent for centuries, but as a corrupt King rises to power and seizes control of magic itself, they can be quiet no more.

What they need is a champion of change. But instead of choosing a fierce warrior, or a leader, or even someone with significant political influence, they pick a nobody kid from a backwater town with more brains than brawn in a world where might makes right.

In the milling town of Stillwater, Willem Falls had lived a tough life. Dead parents were the least of it. A pariah in his own town, a target for bullies, and forced to be raised by an abusive drunk uncle grieving the loss of his wife, Willem’s future is looking bleak. To make matters worse, the whole town believed the only attribute one needed to raise was their Strength, making Willem even more of an outcast with his high Intelligence.

But despite it all, Willem never wavered in his desire to be something more than a mill worker. Whether by fate, luck, or the Guiding Spirits’ own hands, tragedy struck his life again, this time giving Willem the opportunity to escape the life that would have eventually seen him snuffed out.

Given a series of quests by the Spirits themselves, Willem finds himself walking a path he had only dreamed of. Can he become the Mage the world needs?

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