Luminether Online

Luminether Online: A LitRPG Fantasy Adventure
English | January 31, 2022 | ASIN: B09RKQ2QSP | M4B@125 kbps | 13h 31m | 738.34 MB

Author: Richard Denoncourt
Narrator: Travis Baldree

Carey Walsh cannot log out.

He has just been kidnapped and trapped inside a deadly VR pod by a mysterious billionaire with a grudge against him.

Forced to play a super-advanced game known as Luminether Online, Carey must win by defeating a cabal of bloodthirsty necromancers…or die IRL.

Little does he know, there are others trapped inside the mythical, digital world of Astros—warriors and sorcerers and rogues he will come to call his friends—complex characters also guilty of crimes like Carey’s.

But why are they all here? What is the real purpose of this deadly “experiment”?

Carey’s odyssey will become a rescue mission to get himself and his friends out alive—if he can overcome the troublesome flaws in his personality that earned him this death sentence in the first place—but only once he solves the disturbing mystery of Luminether Online.

Is it just a game? Or an intelligence capable of unthinkable power? And how can it be stopped?

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