Ice Lord

Ice Lord: Ice Lord, Book 1
English | February 06, 2024 | ASIN: B0CQMZ61XT | M4B@125 kbps | 11h 12m | 611.47 MB

Author: Andrew G. Wood
Narrator: Liam Gerrard

Among the cities within the kingdom of Taldrisa, it was every 16-year-old’s dream to wake up and see a notification that they had received a link to the System.

Such a thing granted access to a Calling that would allow them to utilize the Mana in the world and create magic, forever changing their lives for the better.

In a world that consists of five different races, as a human, Ashryn Tolman was one such young man. Unfortunately, the path laid out before him is anything but simple. As humans are not the dominant race, those in control view him with indifference and see him as a threat to their supremacy, ensuring Ashryn’s life is not going to be everything he had dreamed of.

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