How Mindfulness Can Heal the World

How Mindfulness Can Heal the World: Evolving Beyond Tribalism
English | August 18, 2020 | ASIN: B08DZV871Z | M4B@125 kbps | 3h 2m | 166.1 MB

Author: Robert Wright
Narrator: Robert Wright

One of the most trusted voices in science-based spirituality offers a powerful antidote for our culture of division.

In a time when we have more technologies than ever for connecting, why is our world so divided? One main factor is the phenomenon of “tribalism” – the human tendency to become so identified with a group that we become blind to the ideas, qualities, and even humanity of others. “Most of us are part of the problem of tribalism”, says best-selling author Robert Wright. “Natural selection engineered the human mind to be susceptible to this way of thinking.” Yet there is hope for us individually and as a species – and it starts with the ancient prescription of mindfulness.

With How Mindfulness Can Heal the World, Wright presents a deeply informative and practical audio workshop filled with insights and guided practices to help us evolve beyond tribal thinking, including:

  • What drives tribalism? The underlying psychology and evolution of “us and them.”
  • How mindfulness addresses the roots of tribalism and helps us see ourselves and the world clearly.
  • Overcoming confirmation bias, cultivating objectivity, practicing empathy and compassion, and much more.

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