Good Sex

Good Sex: A Sex Guide for Women on How to Give Men What They Want and Keep Them Coming Back for More
English | 28 July 2015 | ASIN: B012OZF9A4 | M4B@62 kbps | 1h 5m | 29.57 MB

Author: Scarlett Dalton
Narrator: Scarlett Dalton

Sex itself is the silent cornerstone of human civilization. It is what leads to all things – life, pleasure, even hate and rage. It is that one topic that, no matter how modern we have become, is still considered taboo, yet at the same time it is also the one topic that we need to know most about.

This book contains, in addition to a brief talk on sexual etiquette, the specific concepts that exist around the notion of Good Sex. You see, while the notion itself may have definitions that are gender specific in nature, it is still a notion that can be constructed provided we build up to it with all the right materials and approaches. These approaches and materials are what are discussed in each chapter, each segmented into different aspects, from toys to testing boundaries!

This book is basically your “how to” guide for mind-blowing sex and not just how to use that particular phenomenon to satisfy your man but also how to leave him panting for more!

Here’s a preview of what’s inside:

  • P is for positive sex
  • Mind control – how being sexy is all in the mind!
  • Sex talk – bringing conversations to bed
  • Making him notice you – time to bring him to his knees
  • What men want – a peek into the male mind
  • Setting the scene
  • Role-play – spicing up the bedroom
  • The lost art of foreplay
  • Great sex – guidelines to sexual utopia
  • Turning things up a notch – spicing up your sex life

And much more!

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