Goddess Reborn!

Goddess Reborn!
English | December 04, 2023 | ASIN: B0CNS4V2WL | M4B@125 kbps | 20h 7m | 1.07 GB

Author: Rain Harlow
Narrator: Hannah Schooner, Giancarlo Herrera

Sammy struggled through college until she’s magically transported to another realm. In this new world, she’s been transformed into the wholly (holy?) different form of a goddess. Now she has to acquire followers to appease the ever helpful System.

The worst part, her powers have something to do with mirrors. Go figure.

Sammy will struggle to take over the world, one follower at a time and in doing so, save more than herself. Join her in this progression fantasy from the seat of power. Extremely (multi) class-based LitRPG system inspired by alternate TTRPGs that love their keywords.

Third-person POV

Leveraging unusual abilities and creative problem-solving

Geeky, sassy, snarky, but lovable MC

Pop-culture references

Slow-burn mysteries on top of mysteries to keep you listening with over 4000 Royal Road followers!!!

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