Fury: Unbound

Fury: Unbound, Book 4
English | September 28, 2022 | ASIN: B0BCGY2GCR | M4B@125 kbps | 23h 37m | 1.1 GB

Author: Nicoli Gonnella
Narrator: Travis Baldree

The tower has fallen. Banners fly. War brews in the rubble.

Felix Nevarre, slayer of the Ravager King and destroyer of Domains, isn’t going down without a fight. The Guild Tower has fallen, and Haarwatch has been split into factions vying for supremacy, and the people despair as monsters overrun the city.

Bloody battle is waged through the streets, but Felix’s power has grown—his core stuffed full with the spoils of his victory—and he’s looking to put it to use. When the Inquisition advances its grip on the city and waves of monsters attack, he pushes back.

A new faction rises, gathering beneath Felix’s banner those that are too weak for the Guilders, or too faithless for the Redcloaks. The goal of this faction isn’t domination, but survival. In their midst, a dangerous idea begins to brew. It sings in the Spirit and ignites the Mind, while the Body trembles with bated breath. A blue flame blazes away in the hearts of the fearful, leaving behind only hope….

And Fury.

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