Focus: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Your Attention, Ignoring Distractions, and Getting More Done in Less Time!
English | February 04, 2019 | ASIN: B07NBFRD47 | MP3@192 kbps | 0h 42m | 58.83 MB

Author: George M. Hansen
Narrator: Matt Montanez

Do you get easily distracted? Does it impact your work and personal life? Would you like to be able to get more done in a shorter period and have more time to enjoy life?

Staying focused on a task and seeing it through to the end without being distracted by trivial nonsense can be a challenge. Most of us fail to greater or lesser degrees, but imagine if you could find a way to stay the course on a specific job and complete it without interruption? This is what Focus: The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Your Attention, Ignoring Distractions and Getting More Done in Less Time does for you.

Inside, you can discover 77 unique tips that will help you to:

  • Stay on track and overcome obstacles
  • How to think differently
  • How to change you environment to succeed
  • How to stay focused and do things quickly
  • How to keep motivated
  • Routines to try out
  • The secret of consistency
  • And much more!

By remaining focused, we complete assignments faster and more accurately, allowing more free time to do the things we really want or freeing up parts of our day that can be used to improve our business. Success can come from focus.

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