Flashfire: Parker, Book 19
English | January 01, 2013 | ASIN: B00AVGFXJ6 | M4B@33 kbps | 7h 14m | 104.68 MB

Author: Richard Stark
Narrator: Mark Peckham

Between Parker’s 1961 debut and his return in the late 1990s, the world of crime changed considerably. Now fake IDs and credit cards have to be purchased from specialists; increasingly sophisticated policing makes escape and evasion tougher; and, worst of all, money has gone digital – the days of cash-stuffed payroll trucks were long gone.

But cash isn’t everything, and now Parker’s after a fortune in jewels. In Flashfire, Parker’s in West Palm Beach, competing with a crew that has an unhealthy love of explosions. When things go sour, Parker finds himself shot and trapped – and forced to rely on a civilian to survive.

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