First Necromancer: Book I

First Necromancer: Book I
English | April 09, 2024 | ASIN: B0CZ7JQSSC | M4B@125 kbps | 17h 47m | 969.5 MB

Author: Coldfang89
Narrator: Christian J. Gilliland

In just seven days, the world will crumble. The System’s Descent will usher in a new era of chaos: wild animals mutating, monstrous creatures emerging, and the cessation of modern technology. Humanity will be left defenseless.

Drew Wright knows none of this. At least not until he is rudely ripped from his bed and thrust into a white room to undergo a taser-happy ‘Tutorial’. Turns out, he is one of a thousand randomly selected people to be forewarned of the approaching apocalypse. Now, he faces the delightful task of convincing his wife and mother of the devastation hurtling towards them.

As the System’s Descent draws near, Drew scrambles to prep supplies, fortify his home, and drag his elderly, TV-addicted mother away from her ‘shows’ long enough to listen to him. With monsters knocking at the door, how far is Drew willing to go to save those closest to him?

The dead rise to combat the encroaching darkness as Drew Wright taps into the only power that might save his loved ones—becoming Earth’s first Necromancer.

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