Fancies and Goodnights

Fancies and Goodnights
English | M4B@60 kbps | 18h 59m | 501.66 MB

Author: John Collier
Narrator: George Holmes

John Collier’s edgy, sardonic tales are works of rare wit, curious insight, and scary implication. They stand out as one of the pinnacles in the critically neglected but perennially popular tradition of weird writing that includes E.T.A. Hoffmann and Charles Dickens as well as more recent masters like Jorge Luis Borges and Roald Dahl. With a cast of characters that ranges from man-eating flora to disgruntled devils and suburban salarymen (not that it’s always easy to tell one from another), Collier’s dazzling stories explore the implacable logic of lunacy, revealing a surreal landscape whose unstable surface is depth-charged with surprise.

“Bottle Party” (Presenting Moonshine 1939)
“De Mortuis” (The New Yorker 1942)
“Evening Primrose” (Presenting Moonshine 1941)
“Witch’s Money” (The New Yorker 1939)
“Are You Too Late or Was I Too Early?” (The New Yorker 1951)
“Fallen Star” (original)
“The Touch of Nutmeg Makes It” (The New Yorker 1941)
“Three Bears Cottage” (original)
“Pictures in the Fire” (original)
“Wet Saturday” (The New Yorker 1938)
“Squirrels Have Bright Eyes” (Presenting Moonshine 1941)
“Halfway to Hell” (The Devil and All 1934)
“The Lady on the Grey” (The New Yorker 1951)
“Incident on a Lake” (The New Yorker 1941)
“Over Insurance” (original)
“Old Acquaintance” (Presenting Moonshine 1941)
“The Frog Prince” (Presenting Moonshine 1941)
“Season of Mists” (original)
“Great Possibilities” (original)
“Without Benefit of Galsworthy” (The New Yorker 1939)
“The Devil, George, and Rosie” (The Devil and All 1934)
“Ah the University” (The New Yorker 1939)
“Back for Christmas” (The New Yorker 1939)
“Another American Tragedy” (The New Yorker 1940)
“Collaboration” (Presenting Moonshine 1941)
“Midnight Blue” (The New Yorker 1938)
“Gavin O’Leary” (chapbook, 1945)
“If Youth Knew, If Age Could” (Presenting Moonshine 1941)
“Thus I Refute Beelzy” (Atlantic Monthly 1940)
“Special Delivery” (Presenting Moonshine 1941)
“Rope Enough” (The New Yorker 1939)
“Little Memento” (The New Yorker 1938)
“Green Thoughts” (Harper’s Magazine 1931)
“Romance Lingers Adventure Lives” (original)
“Bird of Prey” (Presenting Moonshine 1941)
“Variation on a Theme” (chapbook 1935)
“Night! Youth! Paris! and the Moon!” (The New Yorker 1938)
“The Steel Cat” (Lilliput 1941)
“Sleeping Beauty” (Harper’s Bazaar (UK edition) 1938)
“Interpretation of a Dream” (The New Yorker 1951)
“Mary” (Harper’s Bazaar 1939)
“Hell Hath No Fury” (The Devil and All 1934)
“In the Cards” (original)
“The Invisible Dove Dancer of Strathpheen Island” (Presenting Moonshine 1941)
“The Right Side” (The Devil and All 1934)
“Spring Fever” (original)
“Youth from Vienna” (original)
“Possession of Angela Bradshaw” (The Devil and All 1934)
“Cancel All I Said” (original)
“The Chaser” (The New Yorker 1940)

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