Explicit & Taboo Sex Stories for Adults (4 in 1)

Explicit & Taboo Sex Stories for Adults (4 in 1): Forbidden Fantasies Erotica- Threesomes, Gangbangs, BDSM, Rough Anal, Cuckold, Orgasmic Oral, First Time Lesbian, Tantra & More
English | 2021 | M4B@125 kbps | 21h 47m | 1.16 GB

Author: Rachael Richards
Narrator: Emerald James

Discover over 20 hours worth of the forbidden fantasies collection that you can indulge in guilt free while exploring your sexuality like never before!

Whether you’re simply looking for a safe place to dive deep into your most forbidden and taboo fantasies during your “me” time, or exploring ideas and ways you can spice up your own sex life, this 20-hour collection of steamy sex stories is sure to leave you feeling satisfied and with lots of ideas.

These stories have been written for the sole purpose of freeing you from the sexual barriers society puts in place for us. They have been written to let you truly explore your deepest, dirtiest fantasies. Every story is written so you can feel like you’re actually there, experiencing every second play out.

Oh, and this is the perfect way for couples to explore their true desires and finally have a chance to make those fantasies a reality and create the dream sex life you both crave. What better way to start communication on a fantasy you want to try then hearing it play out together?

But, for those listening alone, we have you covered as well, immersing you into the hottest and horniest scenarios you could possibly dream of.

Here’s a tiny preview of what’s inside:

Twenty hours’ worth of erotic sex stories that let you indulge in all of your wildest fantasies without any judgement whatsoever
Truly orgasmic sex ideas and scenarios you can try with your partner (the ideal way to make those fantasies a reality, like you’ve always dreamed about)
Sex stories that will excite you beyond words including horny threesomes, orgasmic oral, passionate tantra, anal, and more
Stories and fantasies so wild and forbidden that you could never make them a reality…unless you just couldn’t help yourself
And so much more!

In fact, research has consistently shown that reading/listening to erotica can be one of the best ways to unlock your sex drive, increase your libido, and create the orgasmic sex life you crave…

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