Dverger: A Deckbuilding LitRPG

Dverger: A Deckbuilding LitRPG
English | November 03, 2023 | ASIN: B0CMF23JTX | M4B@125 kbps | 12h 0m | 655.53 MB

Author: Tracy Gregory
Narrator: Graham Mack

Darkness stirs in the depths of the world!

As Gareth and his friends celebrate their latest victory in their quest to topple the gods, an ancient horror wakes half the world away. Asked to help by a traveler to the tower they must seek out the terror lurking beneath the far side of Acamida.

With this new Dverger ally by his side, Gareth must navigate the treacherous outback, battling horrid monsters and discovering ancient secrets in its dusty wastes. Gareth will need every skill and card he owns to survive as he helps end a generations-old feud.

As Gareth grows in power, so too does his terrifying new foe. Two great powers start a collision course that will change the fate of Acamida forever!

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