Dungeon Diving 103

Dungeon Diving 103
English | November 09, 2023 | ASIN: B0CK4YFLWX | M4B@125 kbps | 12h 57m | 706.76 MB

Author: Bruce Sentar
Narrator: Rozelyn Rader, Lewis Alexander

Ken and party are training with his grandparents, preparing themselves to the next semester of Haylon. Yet, even after the Gransmens’ deaths, there are still plots from the Kaiming targeting Ken. After thwarting an attack on him at the Nagato Clan, Ken heads back to Haylon to get the strength he needs.

After all, at the end of this semester, Crimson owes him almost a week of personal training, and she sets ambitious goals for him. If he can complete them, he’ll be going to the Elven world for summer break.

In the meantime, Ken just needs to get rid of all these magazines that are cluttering up his inventory!

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