Dragon Ship: Liaden Universe: Theo Waitley, Book 4

Dragon Ship: Liaden Universe: Theo Waitley, Book 4
English | September 04, 2012 | ASIN: B0095PE8FE | M4B@33 kbps | 12h 57m | 187.54 MB

Author: Sharon Lee, Steve Miller
Narrator: Eileen Stevens

First Class Courier Pilot Theo Waitley was already known as a nexus of violence – and then she inherited the precarious captaincy of a mysterious self-aware ship designed to serve a long dead trader. Now she has a trade route to run for Clan Korval while she convinces the near-mythic ghost ship Bechimo – and herself – that she wants to commit herself as the human side to their immensely powerful symbiosis. While her former lover battles a nanovirus that’s eating him alive, she’s challenged to rescue hundreds of stranded pilots and crewmen from an explosive situation in near orbit around a suddenly hostile planet. Lovers, enemies, an ex-roomie, and a jealous spaceship are all in peril as Theo wields power that no one in the universe is sure of – especially her.

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