Designated Targets

Designated Targets: Axis of Time, Book 2
English | February 06, 2009 | ASIN: B001S3VWU0 | MP3@64 kbps | 17h 42m | 487.67 MB

Author: John Birmingham
Narrator: Jay Snyder

The Second World War was turned on its head at the moment Admiral Kolhammer’s ultra-modern stealth warships were hurled back through time from 2021. But no one could have predicted just how much of a nightmare would ensue…

Only months after the Transition, the great powers scramble to develop the weapons of tomorrow. The year 1942 is now a world of crude jet fighters, monstrous attack helicopters, and unholy dirty bombs – a mongrel technology, born decades prematurely.

Then, in a radical rewriting of history, Japanese forces sweep into Australia, foreign agents begin a campaign of terror in the USA, and Germany prepares for an all-out attack on Britain. The 21st-century forces must resort to the most extreme measures yet and face a future rife with possibilities – all of them apocalyptic.

Picking up from where he left off with Weapons of Choice, John Birmingham shocks and awes us with this gripping second instalment in the Axis of Time trilogy.

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