Deserts of Naroosh

Deserts of Naroosh: Rise of the Grandmaster Series, Book 3
English | August 24, 2021 | ASIN: B09BZZV7T1 | MP3@64 kbps | 16h 48m | 414.71 MB

Author: Bradford Bates, Michael Anderle
Narrator: Sean William Doyle

The Blue Dagger Society saved the city of Tristholm from Vitaria’s minions and defeated the evil under the mountain. Keeping the Etheric Coast free of Vitaria’s influence was going to take more aggressive measures than pounding a hammer into some steel.

It was time to throw down with a goddess.

Knowing they had their own goddess standing right behind them made Tim feel more optimistic about their chances. Eternia’s influence was growing with each one of their victories. With the Goddess of Light standing behind them, how could they lose?

One victory after another, is what following Eternia’s path had brought to their guild. She’d laid out the bread crumbs. All they had to do now was follow her to glory and riches.

Leaving the lands of light for the first time and entering a realm controlled by Vitaria would be new for all of them. A new zone was the perfect opportunity for new challenges, harder fights, longer quests, and unique bosses.

With his friends by his side, Tim was ready to face down whatever Vitaria could throw against them. Their new adventure beckoned, and like any journey, this one would begin by putting one foot in front of the other.

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