Dark World

Dark World: The Travelers, Book 3
English | May 16, 2023 | ASIN: B0C545C1PB | M4B@127 kbps | 8h 14m | 458.18 MB

Author: Nathan Hystad
Narrator: Jonathan Davis

Another year passes, and the Spheres are restless. The Travelers have invaded.

It’s become impossible for the powers that be to ignore the fact that aliens are real, and Earth is under an imminent threat.

Buzz is ordered to create a team to save the world. For some reason, he elects Elliot and his friends to accompany him.

After the shocking revelation that someone close to Elliot has betrayed them, his loyalties are tested in the epic conclusion to The Travelers.

Dark World is the biggest adventure yet, from best-selling author Nathan Hystad.

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