Crown of Embers

Crown of Embers: Chosen Series, Book 3
English | March 12, 2019 | ASIN: B07P565B5P | M4B@62 kbps | 6h 47m | 186.01 MB

Author: Meg Anne
Narrator: Noelle Bridges

“If it’s a war she wants, I’ll damn well give her one.”

Kiri Helena Solene may have gotten her mate back, but that was just the beginning. The battle lines have been drawn, and her nemesis has already struck the first blow.

Surrounded by her Circle, Helena’s power continues to grow. However, this time, power alone will not be enough. To save the Chosen, Helena must seek out the Forsaken to forge new alliances with those long forgotten by her kind. But will they be friend or foe? After centuries of neglect, is it too late to mend the wounds of time?

Rowena will stop at nothing to prove that Elysia and the Chosen are hers. With Elysia on the brink of destruction, it’s time for all of the Chosen to remember who, and what, they are.

Their fate depends on it.

Contains mature themes.

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