Creatures of the Otherworld

Creatures of the Otherworld (Books 1-4)
English | November 14, 2022 | ASIN: B0BM8TQXZ2 | M4B@62 kbps | 33h 2m | 902.19 MB

Author: Brogan Thomas
Narrator: Poppy Royana

They howl, burn, bleed, and curse with the best of them. But can these fierce supernatural gals stay alive until the big showdown?

Box set: snarktastic magical young women coming into their true powers!

Forrest Hesketh craves freedom. Unable to escape her wolf form, she snarls at her abusive pack while trying to help the scant few who’ve ever offered her a kind word. But when she breaks back into human shape and becomes a highly desirable mate, she draws a dangerous amount of unwanted attention.

Immersed in a shadowy otherworld where the only rule is might makes right, Forrest battles vampires, unicorns, and demonic beasts as she searches for allies. But with deadly spells flying, this realm’s formidably independent females take serious steps to roll with the paranormal punches.

Hunted down in a brutal wonderland, can four feisty heroines forge their futures?

Creatures of the Otherworld is an omnibus edition containing the electrifying first four books in the Creatures of the Otherworld urban fantasy series: Cursed Wolf, Cursed Demon, Cursed Vampire, and Cursed Witch. If you like fiery women, do-or-die challenges, and stories that grab you by the throat, then you’ll love Brogan Thomas’ twisty thrills.

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