Cosmic Horizon

Cosmic Horizon: Slip Runner, Book 9
English | March 07, 2024 | ASIN: B0CV4CLPMV | M4B@125 kbps | 10h 7m | 552.73 MB

Author: J.N. Chaney, M.F. Lerma
Narrator: Neill Thorne

The End is Nigh.

Noth, humanity’s greatest threat, has awoken and he’s out for blood. So is Cole and his merry crew of misfits. They have the means to get it, too. Sort of. Their weapon might not be fully functional, but it just needs a power boost. How hard can it be?

Pretty freaking hard, as it turns out.

Especially when their enemies will do anything to stop them. When someone close to the crew is murdered and Cole is framed for the deed, things only get more complicated. Under the circumstances, that problem should be put on the backburner, but nothing is ever as it seems.

Cole will always be a Renegade.

He aims to save the galaxy, even if it means dying. Again.

Both sides are vying for victory. Both have everything to lose. In a war between mortals and gods, who will come out on top?

Join Cole and his friends on their last journey in the Slip Runner series to find out.

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