Charming the Devil

Charming the Devil: Charming, Book 2
English | May 14, 2024 | ASIN: B0D2LWPXDB | M4B@63 kbps | 10h 3m | 282.38 MB

Author: Sarah Blue
Narrator: Georgia Gray, Gabriel De Leon

Lilith knew her fate upon death, even if her wrongdoings were ones rooted in vengeance. She didn’t know what to expect once becoming a resident of Hell, but falling in love with the devil himself wasn’t part of the plan.

Lucifer has a throne to uphold and nothing can distract him from making all of his subjects fear and respect him. He tries to keep his distance from the one person in Hell who has made him feel again, but the temptation keeps growing. Maybe, just for her, he can show his soft side.

Contains mature themes.

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