Buddhism 101

Buddhism 101: How to Walk Easily over Rough Ground
English | ASIN: B08F5H83CN | 2020 | 7 hours and 28 minutes | M4B@64 kbps | 209 MB

Author: Douglas Gentile
Narrator: Douglas Gentile

Explore the transformative power of Buddhist philosophy with Dr. Douglas Gentile, renowned psychologist, celebrated professor, and Zen Buddhist monk. Buddhism is a philosophy and set of practices designed to help us achieve inner peace and balance. It is a practical approach to working with our own habits of mind. In 19 revelatory audio lectures, Dr. Douglas Gentile aligns core Buddhist concepts such as karma, non-duality, and Nirvana with modern psychological science, making them easy to understand and use in our own lives, the practices and ideas explored in this series can improve your life.

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