Blood Is Thicker than Lots of Stuff

Blood Is Thicker than Lots of Stuff: The Many Travails of John Smith, Book 2
English | November 29, 2022 | ASIN: B0BN4T54CK | M4B@125 kbps | 10h 38m | 580.21 MB

Author: Chris Tullbane
Narrator: Joel Richards

“Messy divorce? Check.

Emotional stability of the involved parties? Questionable.

Possibility of bloodshed? High.

Yep; it was definitely starting to sound like one of my cases.”

In addition to being San Diego’s supernatural mediator, John Smith is the city’s least successful private investigator. Those two careers collide when what was supposed to be a simple infidelity case draws the attention of the local werewolf pack. John soon finds himself pressed into service mediating a separation between the pack’s married leaders.

Even under normal circumstances, divorce is hell. But when werewolves are involved? It’s murder.

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