Blessed Time 3: Dakkora’s Legacy

Blessed Time 3: Dakkora’s Legacy: A LitRPG Adventure
English | March 24, 2022 | ASIN: B09WF6JDRR | MP3@128 kbps | 9h 24m | 514.66 MB

Author: Cale Plamann
Narrator: Neil Hellegers

A new threat arises, and time itself may not be enough.

Retirement or polite exile. Whatever you want to call it, it had been kind to Micah Silver. He had saved his home of Basil’s Cove at the cost of his reputation, leaving the country to avoid further complications and settling into the comfortable life of a guild master, running a small but elite adventurer’s guild.

When war and nefarious forces split the realms, Micah dives into the breach once more, confident in his stupendous magical power and time magic will keep him and his friends safe. It won’t.

He fails, and a new enemy with a familiar face has followed him back into the past, wreaking havoc on the timeline. Now Micah’s only chance comes in the form of a map, guiding him halfway around the world to the laboratory of the greatest wizard that ever lived. If he’s going to have any chance in the coming confrontation, he will need to arm himself with the powerful artifacts she left behind.

But his enemy knows the location of her laboratory as well, turning his quest into a deadly race with consequences for all life on Karell.

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