Attrition: World of Anthrax

Attrition: World of Anthrax, Book 5
English | October 31, 2023 | ASIN: B0CM54NH8N | M4B@125 kbps | 12h 10m | 663.56 MB

Author: Adrienne Lecter
Narrator: Emily Ellet

So that happened….

And there we all thought that the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse would be the worst event of the year.

That was before we factored in that we must have gotten lost in the garbage-people timeline where only the strong survive—and usually not those portraying strength of character.

But that isn’t even my main issue right now. With fall in full swing and winter fast approaching, food and other resources are not just limited but actually getting really hard to come by.


Don’t even get me started on that.

Now that it boils down to survival of the *ssholes, decisions have to be made and sacrifices are in order. And as much as I would like to keep my firm stance on the moral high ground, I’m really not that fond of the consequences. If only there was an alternate solution for my problems…but as I’ve recently found out, that comes with its own massive downsides.

If only that wasn’t so damn tempting, now that I’m hungry all the time….

So damn hungry….

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